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Tactics SIMPLE 4-1-2-2-1


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This tactic is really simple and nothing new, but works perfectly for me. I’ve played through half season, so results can be a bit different in the end, but I doubt it(but I will update later). It works well against big and small clubs. I personally think that 4-1-2-2-1 formation is the best way to go in this FM, because of AI using formations with AM nearly 90% of the time. I would highly advise you too choose player marking for DM against teams with AM and for your CM against teams with playmaker at CM. It will not only decrease opponent shots to 1-2 per game, but will also help you to have more possession=>more possible goal chances created. 

Set pieces: distribution “near post”. Your WB must be “stay back” to prevent fast runs from opponent strikers, one your CD should be “attack near post” and other one “mark keeper”.

You can also try to change something in this tactic. For example: change width to normal, tempo to fast and turn on overlap. Theoretically can work fine, but you will need DLF and IFs with good aerial. But I would not recommend you to move WB higher, because defense can struggle and “triangles” for passing will be broken.

You can try and change DM to BWM and it will give you more possession and successful short passes, but can slow down your attacks.

If you are not sure about level of your defenders, than left only one or even none BPD.















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