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Chat Flank role: IW vs AP


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Hi mates,

Could you share your understanding about IW and AP role at flank position? 

In my observation, these two roles are not almost same in EME engine.

In previous version, flank AP will come into middle (AMC position) when your team keep ball possession if there is no other AP or no player at AMC position.

I like this feature very much. I think this is what I expected flank AP to do, attacking in middle and defensing in flank. But this feature is no longer existing. 

And current IW and flank AP are not defense at flank, they will not to defend opponent full back / wing back. I will post in SI forum to check whether this is a bug. 


Note: Why not IF? IF is too powerful as a "BUG" in game for me. I never use IF/SS in my tactics. 

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On 19/11/2021 at 17:06, Nikolaosrokos said:

IF are too powerful? How? I cant seem to make my IFs to work, i need atleast one AP or IW in order to create decent danger in the oppositions half

Any difference for AP or IW in flank? I am wondering the difference between AP and IW for behavior and game stats.

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