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Chat Unfair Sacking?


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So far in my 5th season with Newcastle and have won 10 trophies, but after a poor start in the EPL I’ve been sacked. Anyone else think this is harsh?



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1 W 1 D 4 L, seems harsh, I don't remember the boards being so strict, but I don't remember losing 4 games in a row for the league... I did worse like 8 games without a win but I only lost 2 in a row...


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I think it depends on the club’s reputation and target which you choose at the start of the season. The higher your target is, the bigger the chance for you to get sacked when you are on a bad streak. 

I always set my target not for the highest but below like only go for european spot, even though I have the squad to conquer everything.

Once I went 11 games in a row without a win and the board felt I am doing good, I misclicked “declare interest” once in the job screen then got fired the next day even after winning the UCL 🤣 I was coaching betis when this happened

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