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Tactics Unconventional 433

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Only tested with arsenal, make sure all front three have good finishing. Ur if will be the main attacker. 








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12 hours ago, LFCTERAS said:

How to assess your squad with your tactic ?

You've posted this reply, word for word, in almost every tactic thread that is posted on the site. What exactly is the help you're looking for from people on here? If you're chopping and changing saves and tactics, I can almost guarantee that you won't find any sort of success. This year's version seems very much more rooted in trial and error, watching the games to figure out what is working and what isn't, and making adjustments based on those factors. No tactic is going to be completely plug and play for every team, so rather than going around and trying every tactic with teams whose players don't necessarily fit those roles, work out the style and formation which would best suit the players you have (this is not saying don't buy anyone, but work out what the spine of your team looks like first) and then create, or search for tactics and styles which complement those players or that formation.

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Finally finished the second season, Half way through the season I changed to control mentality just out of curiosity, as u can see it didn’t make much difference may keep it with control. 


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