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Tactics Perfect Fluid Football

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This is one of the best tactics I've ever created. This will be quite a long post so bare with me and I'll explain it in full detail. 


Although this appears to be a standard 4-1-2-2-1 it has a few major adjustments that completely change the formation. You'll notice that it has no inside forwards. The reason for this is about space creation. Having an AP and IW in those positions means they operate in half spaces while still providing width. These should be players with IF stats playing AP/IW role and same foot on same side. This allows for crosses and diagonal through balls rather than cutting inside and running into a cul de sac. Right foot right side and visa versa. Normally having 2 of the same role next to each other is a big no no but the 2 roaming playmakers are key to this whole system Screenshot_20220508_203528_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.f7a25f3c4c88001332363191d2f9ecf7.jpgScreenshot_20220508_203536_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.53896a6a176fa9668c07b54c86269d2b.jpg

Playing wide is not only about keeping the AP and IW in wide half spaces but also stops the 2 RPs from occupying the same areas centrally. 


Ive tried high def line and it doesn't work in this as its far too open behind if you you do. Since you have a DLP you don't have to worry about the larger gap between def and mid from balanced rather than high plus left IWB plays as a 2nd dm


As with all fluid systems ive ever tried or created final 3rd instructions should be kept minimal or it stops the fluidity of the tactic. 

Here's my results. But bare in mind this is not going to come quickly to win win win. I suggest you make as many pre season games as you're able to. To allow some chemistry to form. 



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Roma 0w-2d-3L


As always your tactics need very good team or time to build it . Maybe i will test with ajax. There will be perfect results )

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On 08/05/2022 at 21:26, gucluu said:

Does it work in a small team?

Doubtful as it need high creativity movement and passing abilities 

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