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This a tactic mainly for top teams as it requires good players. If you do try it with a lesser teams maybe drop the defensive line to balanced, but it is targeted for bigger teams. 
I did start with a 41221 but half way through the second season I pushed the wingbacks further up and it seemed to work just as well if not a little better. 
For corners I have one cb ( one with highest Ariel stat) marking the keeper and the striker attacking the near post. Everyone else back.

NOTE: the mentality doesn’t stay the same.
- If I’m favourites or strong favourites I will start with an attacking mentality. If I’m leading by two goals and I’m at home at half time I will drop the mentality down to control. If I’m away and have a 1-0 will drop it down to control at half time. If winning Around the 70 mins mark I would drop the tempo to slow and stick on time wasting.

- if I’m slight favourites or not I will start with a control mentality. I will keep it the same until the 70 mins mark and if winning I will drop the tempo to slow and stick on time wasting.











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