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Chat players Injury


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Getting Injury very often 😕 and for 1 months 2 months every time need help to fix it. What should I do prevent players from Injury mostly my main players got injured every month for a month or two.

Screenshot_20220710-185256_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220710-185235_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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“Reduce Injuries” - General Checklist 🙂 

  1. Q: Are they “injury prone” in the ‘coach report’? A: In this case, ‘no’ 👍 
  2. Q: Are they shown as “at risk” in your ‘medical center’ screen?
  3. Q: Is their training ‘intensity’ set as “high”?
  4. Q: Is their stamina or strength low (e.g.<10)? A: Yes, both players start off with 5-6 strength, maybe this makes a difference (?) ⁉️
  5. Q: Do you have not many physios + only one (or none!) in “prevention”?
  6. Q: Do you play (not rest) them if they have <90% fitness before a game starts?
  7. Q: Do you keep them on the pitch at <75% (or 80%) fitness? A: You said ‘no’ - you sub them off 👍 
  8. Q: Are they playing one game per week (good) or two games per week (bad)?
  9. Q: Are they also playing in international games, where you don’t rest them afterwards?
  10. Q: Are they young (e.g. <21 years old)? As the younger they are, the more they need to be rested.
  11. Q: Do you have “hard” tackling on? As you don’t want players with poor tackling + poor strength to attempt ‘stronger’ tackles.
  12. Q: Do you have “full pitch” closing down on? As attackers (with worse tackling!) will attempt more tackles.

Otherwise - perhaps you’re just going through an unlucky patch 😞 

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  • I use 3 physios 

2 prevention and 1 rehabilitation 

  • I subbed main players at around 60 minutes mark 
  • I rested them in cups .. I replace 4-5 players in cup matches ..
  • My midfielders gets rarely injured mostly IF and strikers got injured 
  • But this injuries don't bother me much in past because  I was not doing  goal scoring challenges .. and not getting this much duration injuries like 1 month 2 month some times 4 months in past.
  • And whenever I play with Main striker in Cup matches I sub him on half time . 
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