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Help Tip for the 1k challenge this is my tactic thanks :)

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I think 2 CAM aren't great for a 1kc. I'd recommend 2 CM.

Also, experiment with dropping your wingers back, try fullbacks etc. This year's game is more so about adapting your tactic to different formations rather than a one size fits all. I've struggled to get my teeth into it just because of this. No idea how people are all of a sudden hitting 3ks xD

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8 hours ago, futbolpasajero said:

Tip for the 1k challenge this is my tactic thanks  :)




At least change language to English first. And post some result from this formation. 

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in the middle of the season these are the results and also a good game against manchester united from Cr7 where Haaland did a hat-trick...

excuse me for the order of the images.. thanks









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I think the tactic looks fine except for the 2 CAM like I said. I would drop atleast 1 of them to the CM, if not both.

In-game changes play a big part this year so play around and see what works. Also, you're already averaging over 1 gpg which is decent for your first season; granted your using Haaland, but even so it'll take time for you to build the entire squad for the 1kc. Wingers like Reus and Hazard will always steal goals and not cross as often as natural wingers with good crossing.

Finally, if you haven't already, on corners set everyone to "Stay back" except your 1k man who should be set to "Mark Keeper" and then aim at "Penalty Spot". Will easily give you another 10-30 goals per season.

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