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Career Attempt at Most goals in a season/High GPG using Man City

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Most of my attempts at a high scoring tactic end up with my players thinking I’m bonkers and voting me off the island..

But as the new FMM is about to drop I thought a quick 1 season challenge would be fun to play. And, if reasonably successful, I’d have a tactic to plug into the new game for comparison purposes. 

I’m also harbouring thoughts of a Double Trouble attempt so needed to work on a two up front tactic.

I know i’m not going to get close to the 300 club but would be happy  with a corner booth in the 200 club.

Using the vast war chest at Man City I gutted the club to bring in a horde of superstars I liked. 


For the first 10 games they truly delivered with a crazy 4.80 goals per match. It was all going well until we met Real Madrid in the Champions League.



The next ten games saw a sharp decline. Also my main striker became sidelined. Down to 3.55 goals per match.



The downward trend continued and stabilised around 3.43 goals per match for the next 20 games.

Taking advantage of the Jan window to bring in a new striker brought an uptick to coincide with the 50th game - 3.48 goals per match.



Then I broke the 200 goals mark in the 59th game which I’m overchuffed about. It came in a 5-2 win against Southampton.



Finally finishing on 211 and 3.46 goals per match over 61 matches.




And a pretty successful season considering how few of my players were defensively minded. (I won’t post the tactic as figuring out that stuff is the fun part) : 



The best game coming in the Champions League final against PSG. We went down 2 goals in the first 4 mins but fought back for the win:


Random Stats:

Highest scoring game came against Newcastle - a 10-3 spanking.

All my outfield players scored a goal except for 4.

4 players broke 20+ goals - the best being 39 goals.

The player with the most goals across the season did not get the highest number of league goals.

The highest individual player rating was 8.02.

The highest number of assists from a single player was 34.


Normally I stay away from tactics that wouldn’t be seen in the real world but this challenge was a lot of fun. It really made me think about making space for all the attacking players to work in.

Not an outstanding season in FMMVibe terms but entertaining to play and makes me eager for the new version 🤪


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