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Chat Where should I fix it? 2 3 1 2 2


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21 minutes ago, nanodrive said:

It's aggressive, but doesn't shoot a lot.

I would suggest endrick as complete forward just for that role for starters kinda like captial i.

I've never tried 2SS with 2IF.That midfield looks kinda weak, Sandro is excellent BWM and maybe a libero even be of some use

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When I see your tactic - in possession I can see 8 attackers, 2 defenders, and no one inbetween 


I can imagine it’s look like this in game …


So the opposition put 10 men behind the ball, there’s no space for anything.

Perhaps try having your B2B or RP on normal CM or DM duties? Or have your WBs in IWB roles? Anything to give you a central midfield when in possession.

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