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Chat Standard 4222(442) wide Plug N Play

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Screenshot_20230526-150536.thumb.png.81f7d1a39a6321f845bd16f351111e07.pngHi guys, it's good to be back here once again. 

Are you looking for a less stressful Tactics? Well I have this one for you

Please try and share what you think about it. 


This is a 4222 formation on papers but it's a simple 442 tactics as match progresses. 

I started as Wolves with this Tactics, I only signed 4 free agents players namely :MUSACCHIO, SANE SALIF, GHOULAM and VICTOR, VAQUEZ. I released SALIF SANE as he wasn't effective and I had bring TOTI back from loan. I sold 3 of my players as I was looking to do my first save without spending a dime on recruitments

I struggled with lots of injuries and I do not have good squad and it affected my results, there was a moment in the save where more than half of my team got injured, long term injuries Screenshot_20230524-205309.thumb.png.3b13b2d4369b47df391f0cfbe316c967.png

My results Screenshot_20230526-150412.thumb.png.32d5be785850c922bd1afe6659ebb2e5.pngScreenshot_20230526-150428.thumb.png.d715a9b15ec4cce198edbd1e770da21e.pngScreenshot_20230526-150514.thumb.png.78fd495d262c2f1b0370f5a702192310.pngScreenshot_20230526-150140.thumb.png.8512bbde5d3adf6b1a438575ca995d96.pngScreenshot_20230526-150011.thumb.png.64bc56108192888509b90e6dd9e29316.png

I managed to get good number of goals from 34 years Diego Costa, and his partnering striker too got goals but more of assistsScreenshot_20230526-150156.thumb.png.c5e857064cc0807aa648f20122d4ab91.png

I train the players myself and according to the role I Want them, all inside forwards, I train them to become wingers and strikers target man and CDs jsst CDs and Wingbacks to fullbacks, my MFs to CMs, etc, that's all that is needed

My signings Screenshot_20230526-150715.thumb.png.97a5cf85d3403786c3f3574a46ada634.png

Take a look at my player stats, goals, assists and average ratingScreenshot_20230526-150308.thumb.png.22f20e2e080c254dc2643aae9d9a1d3a.pngScreenshot_20230526-150333.thumb.png.15775179969a5e15e59c45bf1b4fe2e8.pngScreenshot_20230526-150357.thumb.png.43b761f164d9ac69fe8d0d428ac979bd.png

This is the tatics below and some of my players, the free agents and their morale during a match against bigger teams 










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