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Chat Can Van Persie Achieve 1k?

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So I had a 1k Challenge ongoing but accidentally I lost that save because of my brother. He accidentally deleted that save file so I have started again from scratch.

So this is my second time doing 1k challenge. First time only last 2 season.

This time I chose Van Persie For the challenge

The lad after 1 season-Screenshot_20240505-190631.thumb.png.4a93d27e7461cdc806dcad49ebe4a0eb.png


Sorry I don't have screenshot from starting of season because I forget to take.

In first season he gets good development. Got aerial from 11 to 16. I hope he can hit 20 aerial. I tried three different mentors for aerial but none of them train him aerial all of them end up increasing his teamwork.

As his stamina is very low so I have to take him out after 50-55 minutes but still he scored 36 goals on first season. That's not bad like me who is doing challenge for first time.(I mentioned second time but technically first time only lasted 2 season so it is first time)


We won the league and Scottish cup but gets heart broken in viaplay cup semi final as team lost on penalties. We end up at 3rd in UCL group stage with man city on top and atletico Madrid on 2nd. Gets spot in UEL Knockout round where we beat Atlanta but Liverpool thrashed the team in RO16.




I sell many players who doesn't fit in my system and by that money I bring Some wingers. My first choice in wingers was Pavon. He is very good players for his value. I brought Dilrosun in and his crossing went from 15 to 18 and was leading in assists. I brought some midfielders as well who is physically strong and durable. Because I want to win ball in midfield so that my main can get more chances.

I'll soon will be back with season 2.


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Even 16 aerial is enough though if u can't able to mentor him train him as poacher or Af !!! Imrove his decision making and pace !!! 

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2 minutes ago, P.Rahul said:

Even 16 aerial is enough though if u can't able to mentor him train him as poacher or Af !!! Imrove his decision making and pace !!! 

I will see 2 or 3 months if his aerial doesn't get up then I will try to improve his decision making so he can be in good scoring position.

But I seriously want his stamina UpTo 13 or 14 because with this stamina I can't complete this challenge. I think so.

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8 minutes ago, MegaBoi said:

But I think if I focus on stamina training then his aerial will not improve. That's what I think.

He got good ariel already for his age, work on his stamina so he can play more games better and/or he could get injured easier with worse stamina.

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Regarding stamina. You don't have to start him. Bring him on as a sub at half time or 60 mins or so, along with a creative attacking player. He will score!


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Season 2-

First The Main Man-Screenshot_20240508-090700.thumb.png.7aa3bbbc3fc836ab5981c9c46595935c.png

Slight improvement from last season. His stamina gets a little bit up so I played him more games. I am concerned because his lack of improvement in aerial ability and I think now he has peaked and will not improve more.


Good season scoring 53 games from 57 games. The numbers can be better but for that I need some good wing backs. I hope when my young wingback gets good Crossing he will score more.

Team Stats-Screenshot_20240508-090907.thumb.png.51824a66f2be892ed8cfe267ad4fb91d.png



We won every single trophy domasticaly.Screenshot_20240508-090358.thumb.png.9e0dfe133b227e2062db93b91542a2f4.png

After a tough run in UCL. Beating Napoli in RO16. Leipzing in Quater finals and Bayern Munich in Semi final. We gets heart broken in UCL final against Juventus.

Van Persie had good UCL scoring 11 goals in 11 Matches and was second highest goal scorer.Screenshot_20240508-090648.thumb.png.9715cc40197917cfc70f78ead47399ab.png

All wingers done the job equally sharing 56 assists between them.

Roony was my second choice winger but after dilsorun gets injured he had to do the job and he does that brilliantly. But he is crossing gets stuck at 15 so I am thinking of selling him and bringing a young left winger.

Overall goals-

Season 1- 36

Season 2- 56

Overall- 89 Goals

If he keeps scoring this rate. Then I don't think I can complete this challenge in 15 seasons.

I will soon come back with season 3

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Posted (edited)

On 9th may my phone got stole and I lost the save so officially this challenge is over.

And I don't have courage to do this again.

Edited by MegaBoi
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