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FMM24 Germany & Japan save data

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Hello everyone 

Finally, the real-name save data of Germany and Japan came out 

Germany's squad is as of 12.09.2023 

Japan's squard is as of 24.03.2023 


first name the file fm_save2.fms or derivatives 


Android/data/com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile/files/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024 Mobile/(the id file)/games/caree_1-8 (It's your decision) 

Have a good day. 

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It's strange that people still haven't figured out how to change the database on the mobile. For more than 10 years everyone has been suffering with this German team. I don't even believe that SI actually has union restrictions. I remember when FMM 2019 came out(first time with licenced Bundesliga), they made it playable and everything was great, but then after the winter update they made it gray again. SI, stop suffering from nonsense! Even in PES during the unlicensed era, unlicensed teams would call up real players instead of fake duplicates. Why even have a license for a virtual team without a uniform and logo? What does it say there that this is the German Football Association? And why can't a fictitious manager call fictitious German players to the national team in 2030? Are they also the property of the German Football Association? Have you really agreed with the national teams of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Ecuador, China or Venezuela and others to use their national teams? 

I doubt it.

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On 29/11/2023 at 22:29, Shostork said:

So how install both files in game like Germany must be fm_save2 or Japan.

germany fm_save2,japan fm_save3

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On 02/01/2024 at 20:17, Mark Lugtu said:

what's the id file?

I also connect, I don't know where to find the id file and the next folder with game saves.  Please explain

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