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East Tokyo United save file 1.0.0

4 Screenshots

This is save file of custom made East Tokyo United (ETU). For those unfamiliar with ETU, it's a fictional club from anime " Giant killing ".

Synopsis about club: 

ETU was a very successful in top division of Japan in 90s with help of their charismatic player Tatsumi Takeshi, dubbed next great from Asia. After his departure however club started to slowly struggle. With poor management, club was eventually relegated to 2nd division. 

Now their former star player Tatsumi is back home. Club legend Murakoshi, Italian flamboy Gino, 2 wonderkids Tsubaki and Akasaki are some noteable players to help him.

About save file:

I have replaced a low reputations insignificant club from J-2 league. So at start club can have negative budget to work with.Don't worry, all players still have contract until 2026 so you got time to plan your squad for future.

However on flip side, I have un-fortunately made youth facility to be top class so the goal of the save is to use own youth player to facilitate current players and be successful in Japan. Bring back glory days of ETU with their prodigal son Tatsumi Takeshi.

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Hello bro, can I ask you to save data for last January's unemployment winter transfer? Premier League Italy Spain Germany France please save the data thanks🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Thank you everyone for all the positive responses. Hope you like the game file and if possible might give the anime a watch to better connect to the team. 🙂

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