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Rotating your Squad Guide

Rotation in Football Manager Mobile 2016 is quite a big deal. While there is no right and wrong answer on who you should play and drop there is definitely some advantages and disadvantages related to rotation dependent on how much or little you rotate.
Define "rotating"?
Rotating is simply how many players you choose to play in back to back games. If you drop 4 players for another 4 from one game to another it is called rotating them. Though if you have to drop them such as for an injury or suspension this isn't classed as rotation as it isn't your choice.
Getting the perfect balance of rotation can keep your team fresh and competitive as well as happy. Too much rotation can mean your players don't perform as well as a team due to them not getting settled and making form harder to pick up as players thrive with consistency, yet too little can mean tired players whom are more prone to mistakes, injuries as well as unhappiness from those who don't play but think they should be.
What is too little rotation?
Too little often means keep the same XI every game. While this is acceptable with long breaks either side but if your players have high fatigue (90% or under), are in poor form or are being disruptive then it may be a good idea to drop these for a fresher player or to give another player a chance to shine
What is too much rotation?
On the flip side too much rotation is possible too.This can lead to the team struggling to gain form as they haven't got consistency individually and new signings will gel less if they aren't played a lot as they cannot get used to how the team plays week in, week out.

The perfect rotation
In Football Manager Mobile 2016 there is no such thing as the perfect rotation. There is however good tips to rotate. It is important you have a solid "spine" throughout your team of regulars that mostly play all the matches when possible. This should consist of around 5-6 players throughout the pitch and be your best players whom often don't need time off due to low fitness. However maintaining around this amount of players in a match; obviously with exceptions such as against lower league opposition in the cup, should allow your team to be fresh as well as perform well as a unit due to consistency, though anything upwards as long as fitness, form and team morale abides is also acceptable. It is all about analysing your games, planning a few ahead and seeing what your team is like to go into the next fixtures.

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