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transfer of Club Logos and Player pictures


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Hi to all of you. I would like to show you something which probably many of you already know, but this is something which I learned before a few days ago. If you want to transfer files (Club logos and Player pictures) from your computer/laptop to you phone/tablet you dont need to connect your phone to computer/laptop no more. Because it can take a few hour to finish this transfer. Sometimes I needed to wait a few hours that transfer of pictures is over. But now with just one USB stick and cable which I connect (put in my phone same as charger for battery) with my phone all transfer takes a few minutes. Yesterday I transfer 2000 club logos and 3000 player pictures in maybe 3 minutes :):) I hope that with this information I helped to someone :):)


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1 minute ago, Dec said:

You could also transfer over the .zip and use ES File Explorer to extract.

for people who are not informatically educated (like me) and this is big news :):)

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If your mobile device and pc are connected to the same wifi you can transfer files fast via FTP 

I use an app called file manager and that has a built in Transfer to PC feature where all you have to do is go into your file Window on the PC and type in the URL stated on the Phone and boom access to all your phone files over a wifi connection

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Make sure your pc is connected to the same wifi as your device

Go onto options on the app and select 'transfer to pc' then touch on 'start'

On the pc go onto your fike window doesnt matter which and input the ftp:/168:1:125:2522 or whatever is written on your phone to the tea has to be exact and you'll then have access to all the files on your phone on there and can copy paste delete straight from there

May need a little finding though haha 

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Input it into the 'URL' bar on Windows Explorer

Where it says what folder your in like

My Computer/Pictures/Daves Wedding/Scotts Photos

Literally delete ALL of it and input what it says on the phone


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God knows what that is lol

Is that from your phone or the pc?

Did you do it on the Windows Explorer? Its not through the Internet so isnt a website

And thats not Internet explorer

Go onto 'My Computer'

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