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Tactics Lower league tactics help


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Hi everyone.

I was wondering if there's anybody who could help me out with a tactic for managing in L2/L1. I won promotion form League Two with Pompey and I've been using the Piggs Drift 2016 since the start of the new season. I'm doing okay, just outside the play-off places, the board seems happy, but I've been inconsistent so far, with some terrible results. The board set me the goal of finishing mid-table but I think I have a decent team and with the right tactic, I could be playing Championship next season.

Any advice is welcomed, thank you.

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I have found with FMM16 one tactic will do for the whole season the best thing to do is look at the team you our about to play an use the opposition scout report to help potential tweek your tactics to exploit any weakness you seem. You should work to your teams strengths as well. Like I could suggest a tactic like 4-2-2-2 but if you don't have a strong CDM or Box to Box midfielder it won't work.

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yes, i agree with @JustM1kePlays said. you should look unto your players, and imagine what tactic will compatible and works with your players

but in my case, an AP and BWM can be great in midfield position, if you have a nice trequartista and IF in your team

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