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Tactics My understanding for wide players


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In current version of fmm, I don't think SI did wel
ibalance of wide players and center players and SI do not present the difference of each role for wide players.

Below is my understanding of each wide roles.

1. Winger

Attack method: Dribbling + crossing

Movement: To end-line in flank.

2. Inside forward

Attack method: Dribbling + Shooting

Movement: To box from flank.

3. Advanced playmaker

Attack method: Passing + Dribbling

Movement: to AMC position from flank.

4. Wide midfielder

Attack method: Passing + Crossing

Movement: Keep position.


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4 hours ago, The Kid7 said:

@rseven- How did you come to the above conclusion?

That is not my conclusion, it is my wish. I hope each role can have different behaviors in game. But it is not now.

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