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Golden Oldies


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Hey guys!

Here I bring you a quick run down of 25 players on FMM2016 over various Databases that are 35 Years Old or above! 

I made this list with the question, 'could they still do a job at a high level?' strongly in mind. 

1. Fabio - GK - Cruzeiro - 725kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-34-45.png.9e215Decent looking keeper with good technical stats and can still do a job for a few years as a back up at the very least


2. Leonardo Silva - DC - A. Mineiro - 700kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-33-22.png.cd9efStill has strong Stamina and Strength for a 36 year old! Good positioning makes up for low pace.


3. Nuno Assis - AMC - Omonoia - 350kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-32-10.png.7b4c5An interesting little Advanced Playmaker here for just £350,000 to boot! Fantastic greens right there! Leader, Creative Force, Assis Machine, Agressive, Dribbler, Great Crosser! What more would you want!


4. Ze Roberto - MC - Palmeiras - 325kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-30-50.png.80217Now this guy is ridiculous! 13 Stamina!!! Hes Forty-Bloody-One!!! Crazy! He has more Stamina than me! I'm 25! 


5. Alvaro Rubio - MC - R. Valladolid - 975kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-26-20.png.d25e5Staying under £1m but only just is Rubio, he is a solid Central Midfielder with decent greens in the main areas!



6. Roberto - GK - Lugo - 375kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-26-03.png

This Spanish Keeper is a pretty good back up for a Top Level team. And is currently at a Second Div side aswell! Would be a good pick up for a League One team possibly!


7. Marcin Wasilewski - AMC - Leicester - 675kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-22-26.pngI mean come on, hes a beast isn't he! Some brilliant core stats for a Centre Back and has 12 Shooting and can play in AMC??? What the Fu………dge!


8. Morgan De Sanctis - GK - Roma - 475kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-21-08.pngGreat all round goalie really, Would be a good captain pick as a calm head in a squad environment. 


9. Giuseppe Vives - DMC - Torino - 1.6mScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-19-17.pngNo Oranges here! All Blues and Greens! Still has 17 Stamina which is mental! At 34 he shouldnt even be in this list but hes VERY close to it and on some databases he would be 35! Plus I've never heard of him so he IN and theres nothing you or Batman can do about it.


10. Edmar - MC - Dnipro - 875kScreenshot_2016-02-17-21-18-41.png

Edmar was an unsung hero in the Europa League campaign to the Final a few years back. Maybe as an Advanced Playmaker his stats are lacking slightly but as a deeper player he'd fit the bill nicely.


…………More to Come…………





















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