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Tactics Chelsea tactics plz!

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Have you signed anyone? I normally go with a 433 or 4231 depending on who I sign as you'd need a good midfielder for a 433 (I usually like to get a box to box midfielder like Pogba or Naingolan).

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For the default squad then you want to go with a 4231 as you no decent strikers apart from Costa and limited options in midfield.














Attacking, Mixed, Normal, Pressing

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31 minutes ago, Fr3ddi3_Grav3s said:

It was working well for the first few games but then it started failing, Is there anyway I can make this a bit more consistent?

That can be due to multiple factors such as who you have bought in, amount of rotation you do and average age of the team. Try playing Willian as a Winger though and see if that helps.

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15 minutes ago, Fr3ddi3_Grav3s said:

Am I right to be playing Costa as a Complete Forward and not a poacher? 

Yes that is right and for 433 you really need to sign a midfielder like Pogba and drop Oscar to play him BBM.

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21 minutes ago, Fr3ddi3_Grav3s said:

Isn't that the same formation as the default one? 

Not at all, that is a 433. The one I gave you before was a 4231.


I would go with an Attacking, Mixed, Normal, Pressing

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8 minutes ago, Fr3ddi3_Grav3s said:

Have you tried both these tactics and if so which one works the best?

It all comes down to who you buy. Sometimes I like to play a 4231 as it is my favourite and buy a new APM and improve squad depth. Other times I sell Oscar and buy in a big name. All depends on who you want to sign.

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