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Hi all, I am a long time admirer of the site and finally decided to join.

This challenge is going to be very difficult there are 2 rules to this challenge and they are as follows:


You can load any countries you want but must not start the career in the top division 

RULE 2: 

No player can be signed unless seen as a fringe player, transfer listed (as long as it is not because they want to join a bigger club) or a free agent, no pre-contract agreements allowed

the aim is to win the top division title, all the cups possible and the club world cup.

if this challenge is too difficult then you could go for pre-contract agreements but personally I feel it would better not doing so.

If you do attempt this please post it into the stories as I am intrigued to see how this goes. Also evidence will be needed that the player was a free agent, transfer listed but not because of wanting a bigger club or seen as a fringe player.

all feedback is appreciated, I do have a west ham career in progress without any challenges and so if anyone is interested in seeing it I will be willingg to post it

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Sounds tough, I like it! A lot of work to post such a save though as it requires so many images lol. Looking forward to more of your ideas :). 

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