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Help Unavailable players?


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image.thumb.jpg.bc07f6f97f3e5fb902f9d519All these players that are blank, will they ever be available for purchase??? They have some crazy stats, I just want to know, thanks.

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On July 15, 2016 at 05:31, Kumail said:

Thank you

I found Zlatans regent on that club so keep eye out. There are a bunch of clubs you will find have zero actual players or only 1-2 I think to add to Dec reply is that while they are limited on player database they have more rosters /teams in the game than number of players the database can hold and I think it's ok as they add more clubs to be able to have UEFA competitions , World Cups, etc and have a good diverse number of opponents but can't actually play as them and most of the team are ghosts just there for completion s to fill out roster when they play. Only ones you can convert from ghost is what I call them whited out to actual black named real usable players are to sign the ones in your reserve squad then they can be used by you after signing .

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