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Chat 2.5 Star Superstar


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As I just did a topic about coach reports I thought about something that occurs frequently in the game sometimes in a squad of all-stars full of 5 out of 5 stars 'priming' I got a 3 or even a 2.5 star player also with his CA matching his PA and is sometimes even better than a 5 star player same position(note that this 5 star player is also maxed out so dont argument he hasnt reached potential) both beasts nothing wrong with that but why the guy has 2.5 stars? Some might say this is because star rating is based on your squad rating. Fine but that doesnt explain why the higher stat player same age same position and all stats a notch higher gets the 2.5 star rating and the one with slightly lesser stats is 'best' and 5 out of 5 star rated while the other one is 2.5 out 2.5?

On a side note I often see 5 star players with stats in the brown and red really? I like to see a sea of green and blue (hate that most GK have creativity 1 or at best below 10 hahaha)

Sorry could get my hands on a screen right now of a 2.5 star beast (deleted my Heracles and my Breda save by accident FMM should have unlimited save slots instead of 4 as long as your phone allows it! I got 128GB not runnig out of memory quickly :D)  but I got my hands on a screen of Trippier PA 3 star??? look at him.


PS. Luke Shaw is a 4star CA and 5star PA also according to Lukes coachreport he's a LEFT back not like Trippiers report that compares Shaw as a right back.

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Besides star-rating some famous players really havent got stats that good ok they got 2 or 3 atributes higher than the otherthough not by a landslide just a touch but got so much brown going on in the screen that it starts to smell like crap even RED still are priced triple and command one of the highest value in money the game gives. Barbosa over Martial anytime! 



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Yeah that happens way too often, i have an academy player rated 0.5/5 stars, only half a star!! And he scored near 40 goals in the PL xD i dont take scout to seriously since 2 versions of the game, i just rate players acording to their stats. This  post helps a lot.

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