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Happy Bundle: 6 Pleasant Surprises in 2016-17


First off, credit to @Mollers01 for the original idea via his disappointments post


Football, just like life, isn't all negativity and gloom. There's a load of happy stories out there, and I'm bringing you 6 of them here.


Young English Centerbacks









> Who said the cupboard was bare for the Three Lions once JT goes off and shags women at leisure? You got a whole bunch of young lads coming up! The future's bright - unless City and Chelsea throw ridiculous pay packets at these kids to rot in the reserves!


Burton Albion




> And everyone thought they'd jumped too high,too fast. Burton played their hearts out and consolidation in the Championship is a welcome reward for the dreaming Brewers.





> Let's hope the Unicorns turn out more like Southampton in being able to consolidate in Ligue 1 after back-to-back promotions than Norwich - the 2010s' premier yo-yo club.


Bournemouth and Joshua King






> 10th place for a club most bookies had struggling AND 16 goals for a kid that most fans wrote off as a flop?Not bad at all. Take a bow Eddie Howe - and buzz off big boys!


Minnesota United




> A little story-time: Minnesota United lost their first two games in MLS by shipping 11 goals. You'd think that would be bad right? Well you're sorely mistaken - the Loons tightened the ship up, have their game flowing and have scored some big upsets and scrappy performances recently, beating both the careening LA Galaxy and the stingiest defense in Sporting Kansas City and running second-place Toronto FC hard over the weekend. With the June transfer window close and MNUFC having immense transfer flexibility with their DP slots, they just might sneak into the playoffs and show everyone what's up.






> Yes, they may have money, but it's so refreshing to see a bunch of young players just let loose. I daresay these kids may be spoken of in the same breath as the Class of '92 and the Cruyff Group in time,especially if they stay together and aren't picked apart.


There's my list,what's yours? Sound off below and let's talk about it!

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Nice list bud, like the English CB one as all of these player feature on our top 50 list. I've had a few this year....

Alaves are currently 9th in La Liga after being predicted to go down

Brighton coming back up

Rather recently, Ronaldo equalling Greaves all time scoring record

Marco Silva and how he has done at Hull, commendable work from him despite their relegation.



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Marco Silva was #7 and just missed the cut-off xD considering he had his best players sold out from under him in January taking Hull that deep in the safety race is Manager of the Year-esque material!

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1 minute ago, Eogtuc0910 said:

Maybe Feyenoord could be in with a shout

True (but if they led the Eredivisie from Week 1 maybe a bit odd ) - how about Vitesse?:)


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I like the concept but this has next to nothing to do with FMM yet is tagged as an article. There is no problem posting about real life but for it to be relevant here it needs to be tied into FMM. Say with you could have discussed some players at Bournemouth and Manaco as well as the CB's stats etc. 

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Note on Joshua King: 

Save for CR7 and club-grown players, United always turn promising youngster into a flop; observe the gap between Martial and Rashford. Recount how Juventus turned Pogba to a world class midfielder, and not United. Nani and Depay was lauded as 'The Next Ronaldo'. The former's career is rather abysmal for as an heir to Ronaldo. The latter as of now are experiencing resurgence... at Parc Olympique Lyonnais. The list goes on.

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