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Guides/Tips FMM18: All Playable National Teams

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9 minutes ago, DIRECTFX said:

Second question is for everyone does the US stay manageable for whole save?? Or be like last year after January update databases had no combinations to give you enough 50xAmericans to manage nations.?

Not sure if this is what you mean but if you start a save before the Jan update then the database changes won't apply to that save only a new save. I guess we could lose some countries and gain some new ones as well when the Jan update comes out. I think most of Bermuda players are based on the US lower leagues and will still be in the MPS database after the update.

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50 minutes ago, panathas said:

what leagues i have to load for greece national team ?

I would have thought England, Spain, Germany and Italy would do it.

Sorry I wrote this list along time ago so I can't remember any more 🙁

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