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Tactics Attempt at recreating Pep Guardiola Barcelona’s Tiki Taka


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There were some things I was not sure of such as if the BWM should have been an Anchor or DM and if the BBM should have been just a CM. I was also not sure about the width and having through balls on. I haven’t tried this formation yet. I don’t know of any teams to test it on except Barcelona and I don’t think using Barcelona to test a tactic would be helpful.

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Hi mate.

Good effort here. Not tested it though but i have a few pointers/suggestions.

Imo the dm position is flawed in this version and players perform poorly, i have however found the Anchor to be more effective aspecially if your playing with wingbacks in a 4 or 5.

Also i think Barca play more closer on the pitch so i would be inclined to bring ur inf more infield to create less space for the oposition and to get those short quick passes going. Just a thought mind.

Good luck with this though, many have tried me included and never quite got there (y)

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