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Flag of Bermuda

Anyone guess who that is straight away? Bet you struggled. Some of you may know, but that my friends is the national flag of Bermuda. Now Bermuda isn't famous for much, if we are being honest. The only time I can ever remember Bermuda being mentioned in any sport, was the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Where they had this man playing for them, *Searches Bermudan fat cricketer*.


See, it honestly did work. Dwayne Leverock was his name. And for those cricket lovers out, there you will not be suprised to know he was in fact a spinner, not a pace bowler. 

Image result for Bermudan fat cricketer

Just look at him. What a fine specimen he is. Anyway, that's about it about Bermuda as a country. They're somewhere in the Pacific. Not quite Caribbean, but near enough. (I haven't actually searched this, so if there is anyone on Vibe from Bermuda, I am sorry)

Enogh general knowledge. You're here for the football, right? Well to tell you the truth, they are pretty hopeless. They lie 190th in the world, San Marino are above them, for example. I can only assume we haven't qualified for the 2018 World Cup as we only have friendlies coming up My assistant manager reckons these are the best players in the positions available.

No automatic alt text available.

Sorry, can we just establish they are called ROBIN HOOD. As in, Nottingham, green tights, fit missus, Robin Hood. Blimey. Dale doesn't look too bad, actually, only young too. Yeah I can work with this for sure. 

No automatic alt text available.

I mean, he isn't very good is he? However, he's half decent in the air, and is a good leader so he will do well for us. And also, let's be honest, we ain't very good anyway, so for us he may be the second coming of Franz for all I know. 

No automatic alt text available.

DID YOU KNOW: Zeiko weighs exactly 1/10 of Leverocks weight. 

No automatic alt text available.

Dandy Town Hornets? They're just taking the piss now. 

As already said, only friendlies this year. A good chance to see how good we are. (Or how bad)

2017 Results

No automatic alt text available.

Bit dissapointed that we didn't win this. We played very well against admittedly, limited opposition. We will need to start taking chances as eventually we will be in proper games, often against better teams. So the chances we do make, we need to take. 

No automatic alt text available.

That's more like it. Good win that, against our friends from Aruba. Taking nearly all our chances created. Simons, Simmons and Simmons with the goals. Hahaha don't you just love shite international football? 

No automatic alt text available.

Right. I'm not being funny, but why is it so cold? 11 degrees. Not doing much for tourism are you FMM? 

Image may contain: text

Bit too warm. 

Image may contain: text

Not a lot happens in our games, I've noticed that. 2017 was an adequate first year. We aren't that bad actually, we will definitley win a few games. My aim for this save is to get to a World Cup. I'd also like to see us rise through the rankings. It is going to be a laid back save, where I have a bit of fun as you can tell from some of the post match reviews, but it should be fun all the same. 

2018 Season

Image may contain: text

Our first defeat, dissapointing, but not the end of the world. What however IS the end of the world, is 7 degrees. This is absolutley farcical. It was warmer in Birmingham today for christ sake. 

No automatic alt text available.

*Serious Head on*. We were massive underdogs coming into this, and to go down to 10 men, and then win it really pleased me. Showed an awful lot of balls and I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come for us. 

No automatic alt text available.

Could have gone either way that. We are competing in every game though which is very good. 

No automatic alt text available.

Standard. Good too see we can win games with ease when needed. Not just ding dongs. 

Image may contain: text

Absolutley battered. More out of place than Drake in that Find Your Love video when he's trying to get with the main OG's daughter. (Slightly paraphrased plot). 

Image result for Find your love Drake video

For those of you who have absolutley no idea what I'm on about, that's Drake, standing on some boxes peering over into some birds house, singing at her. The dad I assume doesn't want him with her as he's not a gang member, which does on the surface seem *Slightly* weird. Essentially, it's just a really really awkward scenario. Like our performance. 

No automatic alt text available.

Neither here nor there. This is more: 

Image result for Drake headlines video

Drake. Celebrating the close of another fairly successful second year in charge. We did have one more game to play though before we went away for Christmas. 

Image may contain: text

Nice way to end the year. And with that we end the Drake style reactions with one final one. 

Image result for Drake hotline Bling video

It's getting cold, you see. 


So what will 2019 bring? Well, there is a tournament. The North American Gold Cup. I assume we are in someway involved in this? I will find out soon enough. I am actually enjoying this lot. They're not very good, no. But they try hard and we've won far more than we have lost. 

Hope you enjoyed the read, see you soon. XX

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