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Chat Just some fun highlights of my career so far


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I’m Everton obvs, I use prizes bp with the occasional tweak and int training. So siggy stardust is just immense, scores about 20 free kicks a season from left if position, and 6 goals in one game is my personal best. And he’s still going strong at 34! Lookman is an assassin as siggys under study. Funniest moment in my save so far is when West Brom bought mbappe for 95mil and then got themselves relegated ??? so he went for star player for PSG to playing away to Huddersfield in the championship, and if you look at his face pic I think he looks pissed off about it too ???

longest win streak from start of a season was 17 but I think I’ve probably had longer mid season somewhere but for me it only counts from the start of a season.

that Europa League group was from my first season and granted weak opp but still it looks pretty ?

and Sunderland paying me 6.5mil for Cuco Martina is just gobsmacking!!!

just felt like sharing ?










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A few more

tom Davies is just so pretty! ?

fensome is my latest youth prodigy from the academy 

Anyone who doesn’t sign barco first season is just an idiot!

and my trophy cabinet!

not bad for a team who’s forgotten how to play football IRL and only had one shot on target this year







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