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Challenges The Safe Pair of Hands Challenge


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There has been a lot of talk recently about Premier League clubs appointing managers who they deem to be a "Safe Pair of Hands". In other words, a manager who will save from the threat of relegation. Names like Allardyce, Hughes, Hodgson, Lambert and Pardew immediately come to mind.

Sometimes these appointments work out, sometimes they don't.

But all this got me thinking. Usually I manage big teams who have a big reputation and a lot of spending power. Can I do it with a smaller, struggling team? This gave me an idea for a new challenge: Can you prove that you are the ultimate Safe Pair of Hands?


Start as an unemployed manager with England (and any other leagues you want) loaded. You'll need to have unlocked a World Class reputation.

Wait until a team who are in the Premier League relegation zone sack their manager and apply for that job.

When appointed your job is to save your new team from relegation.

Once the season has ended you must resign, rinse and repeat.

If you get relegated then the challenge is over. How many clubs can you save? Can you handle the heat of a relegation battle? Can you take a team of demoralised, failing players and lead them to safety?

Apart from Manager Reputation all normal challenge rules apply.

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How about this:

10 points for saving a club from relegation.


+ the point difference between you and the team in 18th place.

+/- the goal difference between you and the team in 18th place.

That gives you a bonus if do well enough to steer your team well clear of the drop zone, and also a bonus if you do it playing attractive, attacking football.

Your scores from each season are added together to give you your final total.

So, when I tried this I got a job with Southampton, taking over in late December. They were 19th in the league, with 21 points and a goal difference of -15. 

By the end of the season we were 17th, with 38 points, 2 ahead of Huddersfield in 18th. Unfortunately our goal difference was still -15.

So that gives me 12 points for season 1.

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