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Career The Infinity Glove Challenge

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So I saw this challenge by @Titjes and thought it looked like a fun quick one. I’ll keep this post fairly short as posting from iPad and I’m not sure how to make it look all fancy like others do 😜

I decided to go for Real Mardid and here my 6 gems -:

green - Gustavo Scarpa from SEP to play as my right sided IF

blue - Breel Embolo from Gelsenkirchen to play as my AF

orange - Radha Nainggolan from Roma as an AP

red - Paul Pogba from Man U as another AP

purple - Sergio Aguero from Man City as my SS 

yellow - Cristian Paton from Boca as my leftsided IF

Im going to play all out attack. It doesn’t matter if I win the league by 1 point or 30 its just about the goals and assists for my guys so who cares about conceding right 😜


My business before the transfer window closes below. If I have any serious injuries in defence this year I’m in big trouble! Should have this challenge knocked out by the end of tonight. Wish me luck 👍





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Just finished and I enjoyed that. Not a bad score I think but I can already see areas I could have improved. Biggest thing was when one of my 6 were injured (which seemed to be a lot in Aguero & Embolo’s case) I brought in Ronaldo or Bale and they just hoovered up the goals and assists. They both played in all those pretty nice home CL games to give some of the 6 a rest. I’ll post those twos stats at the end of my long list of screen shots.

and here’s how I scored it -:

goals and assists - 127 + (111/2) = 182.5 point

League title + League Top Scorer & assists + player & young player of the year = 50

challenge total = 232.50

I think that’s right anyway @Titjes can you double check please mate 👍 and if there’s any other screen shots you need.

lots of screen shots -

















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5 hours ago, RipRip said:

Very solid job mate! (y)


3 hours ago, Titjes said:

Great score mate ;) Calculations are correct ;) 

I added you to the leaderboard :) 


EME or OME? :P


3 hours ago, NucleusNT said:

Great stuff, well done 👍🏻

Thank s lads and it was on EME 😃

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