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Tactics World Cup 2018 - England FC tactic


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Good Evening All, 

This is my take on the England Tactic used in World Cup 2018. This tactic and roles appear simple and used before but they are not. This tactic has given the country a lot including Hope, belief, happiness and most of all..an identity.

Soo..Here it is:


This is a 3-3-2-2 with Pickford(SWK), Walker/Stones/Maguire(BPD), Trippier/Young(WBK) ,  Henderson(AN), Lingard/Alli(ADP), Sterling(PTR), Kane(TM).



The tactic worked around the mentality of keeping the ball and working it up the field. The team did play with width for Young and Trippier but also played it central to Alli and Lingard. Finally, my personal opinion is that on the whole, our play was slow and disciplined rather than fast and expressive although of course this did show at times.



England neither played a high or deep line, adapting to where the play was. Having reviewed the Sweden match, England would press all over the pitch(single press) even when in the other half. Finally, the team went into tackles very calculated and dont appear to use either offside trap or time wasting(except when in the lead but not all the time).



This was the toughest area as some of these apply to England but Early crosses from young and trippier. Shoot on sight from Lingard and Kane. Run at defence from Sterling. Finally, England played short passing all over the park, even from the GK( To peoples frustration hehe).


Hope you guys enjoy this.

Please post your experiences using this!



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