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Career 3 at the back Everton tactics


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I started a career with Everton and thought I would share my progress. I was playing standard 4-2-3-1 like the team is playing in real life but was not doing very well, conceding lots of goals, 4-0 hammering by Newcastle was hard to take. I went through posts on here for some inspiration and ended up changing to a 3-2-2-2-1. Started that formation for the derby and have stuck with it, done a bit of retraining for positions to get players to suit the system. Niasse has been surprisingly good, better than Tosun due to his pace, normally play Calvet-Lewin. Had a few injuries at the halfway point of the season I took the screenshots at so that's not always my line up but I do rotate the front 3 on current form. Hope someone can find this helpful.    









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Update on the rest of the season. 4th Place finish playing the 3 at the back plus wing backs. Just started new season, didn't need many signing mainly getting rid of deadwood. Some good players come back from loans, especially the young kids. Trying to covert Richarlison into and out and out striker and there are already good options on the wings and its a bit thin up front.

First few game of the season when very badly, I've eventually changed tactics to a 4-1-2-2-1 (4-5-1), Screenshot_2018-11-07-23-06-59.thumb.png.5f3ed7df61861e5d3b0fde86f88de4fd.pngScreenshot_2018-11-07-23-07-29.thumb.png.23ce36253e94cec6075b49290ed2230f.pngScreenshot_2018-11-07-23-06-11.thumb.png.40a79d54c73671460d5b0f0aee236596.pngso far, will see how it goes.  

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