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I finished this back in November but have only just got round to posting it, everyone has moved on to 2019 now but I'll stick it up regardless as I'm pretty pleased with it. Initially it was just meant to be a crack at 500 goals and assist but he flew through that pretty quick then it was just about getting as many of each as possible. Annoyingly the history cleared after ten years so I've logged each season below and calculated the totals of Goals and Assists, i didn't know the totals till he finally retired. I thought it was done at 33 when he announced his retirement but he reconsidered and just carried on. I have no idea why but the game didn't let me offer him as big contracts as other players so eventually his contract expired and he wouldn't sign a new one, again i thought i was done, but he was released and subsequently signed for Vit Guimares on a tiny wage, I tried to sign him back but he didn't want to rejoin so i applied for the only big job available which was LOSC, they had plenty of money and it was pretty easy to re-sign him before missing a game. I have other screenshots if needed!























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