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Challenges The Triple Threat Challenge


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The Triple Threat Challenge

This challenge was originally created by @J-savage

The Challenge

This challenge is simple yet challenging as the aim of the game is to get three strikers to score 1500 goals as a trio.


  • Own formations only.
  • No use of the editors, myclub or anything like that so no created players or editing of existing ones.
  • Original database only.
  • No cheating which includes reloading.
  • Photo evidence will be required so i suggest posting a career thread for us to follow.
  • All three players must play in a striking position (FL-FC-FC-FC-FR)
  • Any league and any team is fair game.
  • No unlockables unless earned in that save.
  • International goals only count towards the total if the three players share a nationality and when you become manager of that country.


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