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Challenges Around The World in 800 Goals

Kun Aguero

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Around The World in 800 Goals


Credits to @Lee-Roy for this classic challenge. Just posting as I may probably give this challenge a go.

By looking at the name of the challenge, it's very clear that this one is another goal-based challenge. Instead of staying in one club and get 1000 goals, you will have to move around 4 nations with your player scoring 200 in each of the 4 nations, and reach a total of 800 goals at the end of the challenge. The original challenge started in Brazil but since Brazil league is no longer in the game, this version will have you starting at any of the non-European leagues including China, Russia, Australia, South Korea and United States. 

How To Play

While setting up your game you need to load 4 leagues. The first needs to be either China, Russia, South Korea, United States and Australia. The second can be a choice between any of the secondary league in Europe, including Belgium, Holland, N.Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Wales, Greece and Denmark. Third and Fourth have to be from the top nations - England, Germany, Italy, France or Spain. 

When you pick the team to start your challenge, it needs to be a top flight team. It doesn't matter which nation you start in, but the team must be top flight.

Next comes the player. It can be any player you feel like using, but take note, upon completion of this challenge you can still go for the 1k gold which we all covet. That in mind, I see youth being a popular choice for this.

So your game's set up, your at your first club, and you've chosen a player. Next, you need to score 200 goals. League, cup and continental goals count. International don't, so don't let that sway your judgement when choosing the player.

Once you've conquered your first nation by scoring 200 goals, it's time to move countries and take your star forward with you. The idea is to rinse and repeat until you've scored 200 goals in each of your 4 chosen nations. Obviously, it's not always possible to move and that isn't important. If you can't find a job where you can afford your striker then carry on doing what you're doing. But you can't add to the 200 until you change countries. This also means that you will have to be clever about where you start your journey. You can't expect to begin at Barca and after 3 years take the likely WPOTY to Portugal or Brazil etc. This challenge will take skill and tact as well as perseverance.

The Rules

All the usual challenge rules, badges and reputation are allowed. Unlockables can only be earned throughout the save.


Simple enough yeah, pick a club, pick a player then score 800 goals, you can also attempt for the 1kc. Probably only the moving club part will be tough. Anyway thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts. Looking forward for someone to attempt this. 





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