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Challenges The Jimmy McGrory Challenge


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The Jimmy McGrory Challenge


Jimmy McGrory was a Scottish International football player who played for Celtic as a forward. But most importantly for this challenge, he is the all-time leading goalscorer in top-flight British football with a total of 485 goals (408 Scottish League/77 Scottish Cup) in 408 games, he also scored 53 goals in secondary cup competitions and 6 goals for the Scotland national side.

So you can already see where this challenge is going......

The Challenge:

  • Manage Celtic and sign an 18 year old Scottish striker who will be your new McGrory
  • Beat McGrory's record of 408 Scottish League, 77 Scottish Cup goals, and 53 goals in other club competitions
  • Side Quest: Become manager of Scotland, call-up your McGrory and beat his record of 6 goals in the Scottish national team.

Point System:

  • 1 League Goal=1 point, 1 Cup Goal=2 points, 1 other cup competition goal=3 points
  • 75 points for breaking his league goal record, 75 for the cup record, and 20 for the secondary cup record
  • 100 points if all three records broken within 408 games for Celtic.
  • 10 points if you break the Scottish NT goal record, 30 points per competition if you are to win one.


  • Photographic proof is needed for this challenge, a career is highly recommended
  • No reloading, use of editor, of use of unlockables (particukarly the international team unlockable).
  • If sacked or you resign your score is halved.
  • And, have fun
  • Extra rule: All previous experience with other teams your McGrory has must be neglected (If he has any).


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