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Career Let's get Manchester United to the top


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Hello Colleagues Managers.With this topic, I will start a series this year in which I will try to bring back some teams with a glamorous past, but not so good a present.
The first team we will start with will be Manchester United. Won a record 20 league titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 Cups, 3 UEFA Champions League and once UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Europa League, European Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup , FIFA Club World Cup.

After these brilliant successes in recent years, United have suffered a major setback and in this career of mine I will try to get them back on the path to victory.For ease, if I may call it that, I will try to replicate the success of Sir Alex Ferguson.

13 Premier League

5 FA Cup

4 League Cup

10 Community Shield

2 Champions League

1 European Cup

1 European Super Cup

1 International Cup

1 Fifa World Cup

Manchester United Wallpaper 72.jpg



Season One

For my Tactic i Chose 4 1 2 2 1

I tried to use more UK Players and less Superstars but i will not speak too much and i will Show you guys the season briefly in photos, if anyone wants something extra I would always be happy to answer.


Screenshot_20191204-081115_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20191204-081153_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20191204-081251_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20191204-081345_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20191204-081348_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20191204-081352_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20191204-081355_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20191204-081412_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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