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Tactics Attacking 4-3-3


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Like many of the people on this forum, I have been struggling to find a decent tactic to use since the February update. I have tinkered around with a few different ones and i have found a solution that works great for me and the way i like to play.

It's a 4-3-3 with a flat 3 in midfield and 2 inside forwards. Since the update i have found that the poacher seems to work best up front, i switch to a defensive forward in game if i am struggling to get a goal, this works due to the striker quickly closing down the opposition defence which leads to mistakes and therefore goals. If i am losing i usually switch the striker to an advanced forward, the full backs to wing backs and switch the attacking instructions to early crosses and work into box. If i am winning i often switch to control and closing down own half and turn off the offside trap, I then switch to counter attacking and early crosses and work into box with gk distribution long after the 75th minute and defensive waste time after the 85th minute. This tactic has been highly successful for me. I usually score 2 to 4 goals a game and rarely concede more than 1 goal a game. Against tougher opposition i usually switch to counter attacking early on unless my team has shown enough intent in the opening stages of the game. 

I have modelled this tactic on a very specific set of players so make sure you have capable defenders who can pass and with decent teamwork. Your box to box midfielder also needs decent team work and stamina. Your playmaker needs good passing, technique and creativity, your if's and striker need to be quick with good shooting and technique. Please remember all young players can be molded to fit player roles if you take the time to train them and do not ignore player tutoring as it has greatly improved a lot of my players. Good luck with your fmm careers. Thanks for reading.



Screenshot_20200423-114452_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200423-114456_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200423-114501_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200423-114444_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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Thank you for sharing. Maybe it could be relevant for you to upload fixtures and results with this tactic.

Also some player stats maybe.

Best regards Anders

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