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Career Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport - Shop Sport make progress


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I chose Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport because they were the smallest club in the Belgium 1st amateur division. Belgium has always been a challenging & competitive place to manage for me with even tried and tested tactics facing a stiff test. My hope is to progress Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport as far as possible.



When I arrived at Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport, the 1st team Facilities and Youth Facilities were poor. After asking the board to improve these every season, we now have Good Facilities. The Stadium has not been improved but is currently operating at full capacity.



I always delegate the training regime to my Assistant Manager which is currently the Arsenal FC legend Dennis Bergkamp. The Finances are kept green through selling players which are not good enough & buying youngsters out of contract and getting profit for them. Finally, I improve the club staff annually if there is sufficient funds to do so, so Dennis Bergkamp is now Gold Badged.



The Squad has been improved gradually since I arrived at Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport. The players I sign usually fit the Key attributes with a strict focus on Fitness( which normally adds younger fitter players). I sell on players which fall below 10 in the Key attributes or would not fit in my tactics.



I have developed a new Tiki Taka System which I used for the last 2x seasons with Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport. The tactic is very stable in Defence having the lowest goals conceded at 20 over 30 matches! The goals are currently quite slow coming BUT are still enough to win games and get this small club promoted!



The result of my new Tiki Taka System, a small budget and a focus on signing fitness 1st players was winning the Belgian First Amateur Division over 2x Seasons using it. The 1st Season we finished a very close 2nd in the league but this year with a bit of improving we played really well. This season shows that my Philosophy works and is successful. 





Screenshot_20200515-212129_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200515-212124_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200515-212119_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200515-212106_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200515-212059_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200515-212051_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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Funny to see Joep Hakkens in your transfers. I'm pretty certain he is related to me (because his last name isn't that common) but I never heard about him! 

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My next year with Winkel Sport and another Promotion as we became Champions of the Proximus League! In the space of 3 years with an updated Tiki Taka system, the club has rocketed in the Belgium Leagues. The system is incredible solid defensively whilst scoring as many goals as the higher teams leaving us sitting at the top with impressive goal differences.


On a personal note, my Win Rate has also increased to 46% and rising. My focus on players with better fitness attributes in the transfer market improves both my Transfer Acumen and Youth Policy. You can see by the average GF & GA that the system is solid with average scores of 1-0 to Winkel Sport. It is important to note that the board wanted me to just " Improve the Squad" this year but I thought I would challenge myself to just "Battle bravely against relegation" , in the end, Winkel Sport FC reached the top of Belgian Football.


The club has also improved over the last season with added revenues from promotion. We now have state of the art youth and 1st team facilities with an increased stadium capacity of 8,500! Our Club staff have been developed to now hold Gold or Silver Badged coaches. The revenues even after development remain green due to selling older, low quality players and profitable youngsters who I get each season as free.


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Finally I won the Belgian league and UEFA conference Cup. The season was won via resorting back to my original Tiki Taka Tactic and buying in players who fitted it. I was really happy with finally reaching the top with Winkel Sport.




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