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Help Disappearing Contract Clauses


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Hoping someone can help as I'm obviously misunderstanding something here.


I'm having an issue where contract clauses I put in (such as buyback, % of next sale, etc.) don't make it into the final contract of a player I sell. If a team approaches me for a player, I'm able to negotiate directly with them and it works fine. However, when I offer a player out to clubs, these clauses eventually disappear despite selecting them when I offer the player out. The issue seems to revolve around the system where you can ask for a higher price when multiple competing bids come in. Regardless of whether I accept the initial offer (I originally thought the issue was due to the fact I was asking for a higher amount), or increase the price, no clauses ever make it into the final sale.


Am I doing something wrong here? Or is it just not possible to add clauses when dealing with competing bids?


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Good question and it isn’t possible, as far as I’m aware. Not sure why. It would probably get tedious with the amount of bids that come in during a bidding war to keep adding clauses though and it may just be to speed up the process.

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