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Tactics Trying to offend all 14 teams in the Prem (And Six Scum)

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god and to think i believed that Tottenham had a chance for the quadruple
Inspired by Tottenham's poor form, I have created this tactic reminescent of "The Special One".

It is technically a 5-3-1-1 formation but is in actuality a ultra defensive variant of 4231. 

Normal back four with hojbjerg dropping down to bpd just because of sitting back

low midfield line with bale playing as wingback shit wrong flank

Harry Kane and Son playing as the top 2 (Harry being the absolute Anglo-Saxon gigachad he is and playing in every formation and Sonny getting all the chances by playing as far forward as possible)

Summary: Pray that Harry Kane plays well that day02AD412A-1547-4CDE-B3D5-B0CB409A62F2.thumb.png.f69de98bc99180d100a63974d18cb820.png

Tactic that seems to be a working counter attacking formation with orginization but in all actuality never gets anything done

Same here

With long passes all day all you need to do is to pray to whatever supreme being you believe in

results (very surprising)

*note* I've only played the preseason so please do not even comsider trying this tactic299EBAAE-648A-4586-9DA0-16A85B36EADA.thumb.png.85de2f0c8911bfe2829c56b2aec02ed8.png

Even a wrong clock gets the time right twice a dayB168A411-AB43-4765-8B22-4AF9A84EB55A.thumb.png.19110e538b5e1ee398dd871535cad19f.png

jesus christ a 75% win rate


TLDR: this is a terrible taxtic from a disgruntled spurs fan please do not try

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11 minutes ago, StuartM said:

😂 I wouldn't know where to start with a Huddersfield Town tactic at the moment

Yall are battling relegation, right?

PM me your gripes about the club and I'll try to replicate it as close as a non-terriers fan can

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Brilliant tactic, only problem is the unrealistic 75% win rate 🤣

Would be good to see how well this did over a full season, see if you'd finish higher than Mourinho

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12 minutes ago, HudsonOfSmeg said:

Brilliant tactic, only problem is the unrealistic 75% win rate 🤣

Would be good to see how well this did over a full season, see if you'd finish higher than Mourinho

Will do 

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Sheff Utd-20th

After sitting comfortably mid table in the first season, they are now rock bottom with a low 14* points in Mid-April.

You gotta understand that a lack of a good striker, injuries to key players, and general bad luck have all contributed to this shitshow

shut up they're just shite

Ya know overlapping centrebacks?imageproxy.php?img=&key=29906ed9e9968481imageproxy.php?img=&key=29906ed9e9968481706CA095-5349-491D-B15A-B87A80862240.thumb.png.8d0da08ad9ad7ec5d096fb464b3a2eef.pngI love overlapping centrbacks, who doesn't

685798B2-FFDD-4833-A0DC-1A0379178A9C.thumb.png.31e0e3174fcd51a069e7113d7eda6577.png9B5691F8-894F-45BE-9324-E54F6A9E5F03.thumb.png.1a1a940612439192883d9ee76516f4d9.png8FA22F08-88DD-4E4C-9CA9-4526CD2E2136.thumb.png.64f15880553f51253f36f42d31fe07b9.pngInspired by their brand of excessive wing football, the incessant hate of the centre of the pitch, and wasting chances, I have recreated Mr Chris Wilder's revolutionary tactics to the finest non-detail I know nothing about the blades please ignore this tactic christ

The Results:

AEC7E24B-3B41-4932-AC51-6828AE63CE1F.thumb.png.6fd8efc0bc95bb841cbcba4b1a73e346.png784991CA-CCD1-4095-8D25-DB439F8F6847.thumb.png.ecdc5ddf16fe811bd0ea05492cc5f823.png2DAE137F-1C9A-4DCF-8399-0B50500D543C.thumb.png.cb218ac81a1d784859d5e87e607462a7.png72108D45-0CC5-428C-B9D0-474A40236FF1.thumb.png.158f8ea4670dfb9b86b79398ab226bf8.png9F2AA6A1-19F2-40B2-B096-F7E2CE3AA911.thumb.png.4bcbf1bbfd0c4a5f6c8a1905c93482dc.pngE7B830FF-D3E7-402E-A757-EB272CF360F6.thumb.png.41318c69bc097ddce49129c7b8acb026.pngOnly the friendlies but already we can see that my 'tactics' have no sense of reality whatsoever as you can tell with the 50% win rate. At least we have Majority possesion....

PSA: None of these tactics are serious. If someone has gripes with their club please send them to me by pm and I'll try to recreate them within 10.3 minutes**

Also if they become annoying I'll stop

 Overlapping centre backs Overlapping centre backs Overlapping centre backs Overlapping centre backs Overlapping centre backs Overlapping centre backs


Your local disgruntled Spurs Union Berlin Fan





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