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Help Team performs very bad second half of the season

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Hi everyone,

I recently started playing this game, after a few decent seasons with Ajax and Arsenal I went to Schalke and promoted with them to the Bundesliga.

First half of the season in the Bundesliga was really good, to my surprise I even held 1st position with a relatively weak team.

Second half of the season, I suddenly lose like 75% of the matches and even to the worse teams. I play with nearly the same squad, only got a better goalkeeper and ball winning midfielder in the winter break. Also kept the same tactic and tried to keep the motivation and fitness of the squad at a decent level.

How do you guys usually stop a team from the bad performances?

Thanks in forward!

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ive also only recently started playing the game but from what ive seen most of the time its because your players suffer from burnout. sometimes, even if your players have 97,98,99 condition, they will have "slightly tired" listed under their personal and im not sure what the exact phrase is but something similar to "tired from being overplayed" will be listed under the training page on their player profile if i am not mistaken. ive noticed that when i play those players, they play noticeably much worse than usual which could explain your bad performances. hope this helped 

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