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Help Middle CB has no discipline!


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I've been playing with 3 CB's but my middle CB has no positional discipline. 

He charges out to close down leaving huge gaps in behind. 

I've tried using different roles such as Libero to encourage him to act more like a sweeper and I've also tried using Offside Trap to encourage them to hold a flat line but nothing works. 

I'd argue that the majority of goals conceded are down to him leaving his position and leaving a huge space in front of my box.

His average rating is in the low 6's whereas the wider Cab's are above 7 and are playing really well. 😡

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1 hour ago, broodje kip said:

Maybe he has low positioning.

I tried 2 different players in that role, both had the same issues. 

14 and 15 positioning. One had high aggression but the other didn't. So it can't be the aggression rating either. 

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Do you play with a defensive mid as well?

Perhaps a DM sitting in front of the back three would stop the middle CB trying to push forward and fill that space. Or push the middle CB up and play a DM with 2 CB behind him so that space is filled.

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