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How To Sell Players For $$$ (Negotiation Techniques)

What This Guide Will Teach You

This guide is specifically about teaching you the art of negotiating a player sale in Football Manager Mobile 2022, meaning what to do when a bid from another club is already on the table and you WANT or don't mind selling the players. Now obviously you'd want as much money for him as you can get, but how?

Of course there many other questions people tend to ask regarding transfers: price negotiations techniques during auctions, ways to buy a player cheap, how to negotiate player contracts or selling players when no clubs want to make an offer. We'll be keeping this guide focused and concise for now, so let's save those for another time.

Minor caveat before we start, this guide is made specifically for FMM2022 and the AI negotiation code can change between editions (and they have). While the broader techniques here can probably be applied for future versions or if you're on an older version, the specific observations about the responses may not be exactly the same.


Transfer Negotiations

I'll be using two examples and covering the concepts as I go through them, then I'll summarise the concepts at the end. We are also using regens so there's no pre-conceived notion of a player's value.

Transfer 1: Dannie Anderson

So the first example we have is Dannie Anderson, his value is 3.5m but Bristol City is offering 5.25m here.



Every Negotiation Step of The Transfer


First Offer

The initial counter-offer is incredibly important, the higher the initial "reasonable" counter-offer the higher the final negotiation price will be. I'll start my valuation at 17.5m. Why that value specifically? It's a ballpark estimate based of my experience. I'll tell in detail about how to make a good estimate during the 2nd example, because I'll need the comparison to explain it.


So first thing you notice is that the valuation was deemed "reasonable" by the AI, because they've shifted their valuation. It means that we have established a range to work with, between 8.5m to 17.5m


Second Offer

Take a small step down in your valuation, I offered 16m but I actually don't find the size of the step to be that crucial. We have quite a lot of space to work with: a total of 5 offers (or 4 offers that will return a response) unless we do something highly unreasonable. 


As you've noticed, their valuable did not budge. I have not gone down reasonably far enough for them to increase their price.


Third Offer 

So I take a larger step, a 14m valuation this time.


They've upped their bid again, which means we are on the right track.


Fourth Offer

I lower my valuation to 12m . This will be the final one that will still return a counter-offer.


No increase in what they are offering. Take note of the number, 10m.


Last Offer

I call it the final push, where I push the final amount just slightly higher. 10.5m bid. I'd consider this step optional if you're DESPERATE to sell the player, you wouldn't want to be stuck with a player just because you wanted a tiddly little bit more. In my experience, you can often push it up by 1-2 steps.

I took 2 steps up this time and it happened to have worked. However keep in mind that even if Bristol City's highest valuation is actually 10.25m, they will not offer that to you as this is the 5th offer.


5.25m -> 10.5m received (2 times their first offer)


Transfer 2: Greg Forster

Next up we have Greg Forster, we have a 750k bid from Birmingham with a 775k player valuation.



First Offer

My first valuation is 12m, notice how immediately my ballpark estimate is of a much higher multiple than Dannie Anderson. Remember the lower the value in FMM, the higher you can mark up your valuations.


It seems like I've actually gone too high this time, but again I've got more than enough space to work with. I'll illustrate my point about more multiples at lower valuations in the next offer. 


Second Offer

I counter-offered with 7.5m this time, 10x what Birmingham offered at first.


We have a bite, even at 10x. And needless to say if I had opened with a 52.5m valuation of Dannie Anderson in the previous example, not only would I definitely have gotten no increase in the offer there is a chance the negotiation would have instantly ended.

It is important to note that the reverse is also true, at higher valuations the multiples tends to be lower. You usually don't really push a 50m player out with for 2x of their initial offer. 


Third Offer

Now with a proper price range set between 3.1m and 7.5m, we have an idea what to bid. I bid 6m here


Birmingham raises their price to 4.1m

Fourth Offer

I go with a 4.8m bid this time


But they are holding firm to 4.1m

Last Offer

Again the last option is the most dangerous one to make. I'm only asking for 4.2m because I've got a 4.5 year contract with a relatively young player that the coaches think still has potential to grow (star rating).

Of course the coaches are wrong which is why I'm selling him, but that's for another guide. Point is if the coaches still think he has potential, then so does other clubs. Even if the sale doesn't go through here, I'm likely able to garner interest from other clubs.


750k -> 750k for the player + 3.45m for the hair 4.2m (5.6 times their initial offer)



1. The higher the initial "reasonable" counter-offer the higher the final negotiation price will be

2. If a valuation is deemed "reasonable" by the AI, their valuation will increase. If it remains the same, it's time to increase the step downwards.

3. Do not worry too much about the exact size of the price step down, you have 5 offers (or 4 that will return a counteroffer) unless you do something extreme, that is more than enough space to work with.

4. The response after your fourth offer is likely very close to the final price you are going to get for the player. Send your last offer with this in mind.

5. You can push the final price just 1-2 steps (number of times to click the "+"), but I'd only recommend doing that if you are OK with the player remaining at the club or are confident more bids will come in for him.

6. You tend to be able to mark up players more at lower valuations, conversely you won't be able to get this many multiples at higher valuations. Here are some of the top of my mind for reference

  • 50k for 2k value
  • 700k for 30k value
  • 7.5m for 750k value
  • 17.5m for 5.25m value
  • 24m for 11.25m value
  • ???m for >100m value (haven't actually sold a 9 digit player lol)

### These are the initial ballpark estimate values, not the final sale price. DO NOT expect to sell at this price###


Exceptions to The Examples Above

Oh I'd love to have an example for every situation, but this are just some extra factors to consider should they be relevant to you.

7. Natural offers that come in tend to result in a higher final selling price than if you had offered the player out. 

8. Take note of the clubs that are bidding for your players. Obviously we know about the rich clubs tending to bid more, but you can squeeze extra money out of clubs that have recently sold players for big money. 

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Just made this because I always get surprised reactions at selling certain players of low valuations at certain prices, as well as some shock at the money I tend to make each transfer window.

I've been toying around with the AI transfer negotiation in FMM2022 for a while and I think I mostly get it, so just thought I'd run through 2 examples and some concepts for people who might need it.

And to anyone following my Salisbury save, no I did not sell Dannie Anderson. He just happened to be bidded on and I used him as an example. I did sell Greg Forster though.

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10 hours ago, Victor77 said:

This is really helpful.... But how the you get the background that way

These are custom skins

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Great post mate - almost exactly what I do (I get the same reaction from people to how much money I pull in). Crazy more people don't know about this - but now more will thanks to your write up! 

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2 minutes ago, Meow said:

Picked this one up from the Football Manager Mobile discord, in the resources channel.

Can you please give the link of the discord channel

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32 minutes ago, Tanza said:

Can you please give the link of the discord channel

As I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to post links, I'll just say it's the first reddit post that pops up when you search "football manager mobile discord".

I will say I'll no longer reply about skins, considering there is adequate information on finding and applying skins out there.

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5 minutes ago, Meow said:

As I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to post links, I'll just say it's the first reddit post that pops up when you search "football manager mobile discord".

I will say I'll no longer reply about skins, considering there is adequate information on finding and applying skins out there.

THanks in found it already in community of si games

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In fact, after the first bid you offer, you can try increasing the bid instead of lowering it. This way, you can sell it for a higher value than you would lower. It doesn't always work, but it usually does. I give an example:

Their first bid: 5m

Your first bid: 15m

Their second offer: 7.5m

Your second bid: 13m

Their third bid: 8.5m

Your third bid: 18m (higher than 13m)

So their next offer might be 11m instead of 9m. In the fourth and fifth offer, you should lower the value because this increase in value seriously reduces the satisfaction of the opposing team. For example: your fourth offer 13m and the last value you agreed on is like 12m. I couldn't explain it fully cuz of my poor eng but I hope you understand, it's a pretty simple thing actually.

You can also apply the opposite of the "increase the value while decreasing the value" tactic when you buying players. That is "decrease the value while increasing the value". In this way, you can make a deal with the team that does not go below 18.5m in the bid in any way. And you can buy him for 13.m (example)


Like this:

Value 3.6m

Sold for 12.25m



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