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Chat Interrogations on 2nd half


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Hello to everyone.

I'm starting this topic because I have 2 interrogations about how 2nd half works in the game.

The first one is, why are the players' notes downgraded at the start of the 2nd half ? My players always go down from 7 or even 8 to 6 immediately when the 2nd half starts, unless they had a goal/assist. I wonder why that is.

The second interrogation has to do with how to improve performance during the second half. I'm on my 7th season currently and my team tends to dominate during 1st half. If I score at least 2 goals, then they will stop performing during the second half and barely get any shots. 

I suppose its due to the team being less motivated with a comfortable lead, but a bit frustrated. I made sure to build a team with high professional/determined/ambitions and even ruthless traits, but it doesn't seem to help much.

I play on control style with a high def line and no specific offensive instructions. Tried to be more attacking during 2nd half but barely any more goals opportunities while I concede a lot. Also tried going counter attack to let the opponent expose themselves but then nothing usually happens on either side.

Thank you for your answers.

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The player scores have a large amount of recency bias in them. The scores are heavily impact by what has happened in the past 15 minutes of the match. I've seen a player get three assists, then lost the ball and the opposition scored and he ended the match with a 5. No one likes it, but that's how it is.


And the second half is often extremely uneventful for me as well. Almost nothing happens in the minutes from 45 to 65, in any match. To try to avoid this, i will make changes to tactics very often, like switching mentality or instructions just to juggle the system and make it recalculate. Stagger your subs as well to make the game shake things up. 

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Thanks for the answer !

I do try and change tactics/instructions during the second half, to no avail. 

I also make sure to sub in fresh players, but they usually get a 6 even if subbed in at half time and have little impact.

I really think its a mentality problem, my team just sits out the second half if I have a comfortable lead.

Because if the first half is close, then they will perform in the 2nd half no problem.

The best way I've found around it is to impose a faster pace and agressive tackles to force my players into action, but even then i still dont get much done after half time.

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I had this a lot of FMM21 …

  • When 2-0 or 3-0 up at half-time, then often nothing happens in the 2nd half, except my player ratings drop + maybe the opposition get a consolidation goal in the last 10-20 mins.
  • So I started to use / abuse this. If you’re pumping up a player’s value who you will soon sell, then let them play the first half, then sub them off at half time, so they keep their high AvR + form ratings Mwhahaha!
  • Also if I’m 1-0 up, then I’m so scared of conceding that late goal that at 60 mins - if nothings happening - then I’ll switch to a defensive 41410 with just recycling possession to run down the clock + not concede.

So the questions are how can you improve it OR how can you use + abuse it?! 😄

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