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Poll Lower League - Best Ways to Use a SPEEDY Striker?


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  1. 1. In the Lower Leagues - What is the Best Way to Use a SPEEDY Striker?

    • Strikerless - e.g. as a IF/SS
    • One Striker - e.g. as a P/AF/PF
    • Behind One ST - e.g. as an IF/SS behind a TM/DLF/partner ST
    • Two Strikers - e.g. as a P/AF/PF next to a TM/DLF/partner ST
    • Three Strikers - e.g. as a P/AF/PF next to TMs/DLFs/partner STs
    • Don’t Understand / Other

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Posted (edited)

In the lower leagues, a speedy star attacker can be extremely effective.

So here’s a question for you - which role / tactical setup would you use them in?!


England’s League Two
As an example - there are just SIX teams in this league who have an attacker with 15+ pace:



Six teams - as somehow missed Newport County’s loaned Timmy Abraham from this screenshot.

Plus there’s one young player who is ‘unattached’ + easily available on a free.

My favourite is probably Stevenage’s Elliott List - in the right role, he could be clinical in these lower leagues:


He is their 24 year old star with 15 pace, plus 12 for shooting, dribbling, movement + technique. Nice!


Additionally, only TWO teams also have an aerially strong ST - who could provide a ‘big man, little man’ partnership:


Yellow shows teams with BOTH am aerially strong ST + a pacy attacker


So what role/tactic is best?

Here are some options - directly related to the poll question at the top of this forum post! 



Use your speedy attacker in a Strikerless formation - perhaps as an Inside Forward or Shadow Striker?


Lone Striker:


As a lone / sole striker - perhaps as a Poacher, Advanced Forward, or Pressing Forward?


Behind One Striker: 


Use your speedy striker (as an Inside Forward or Shadow Striker?) - behind a supporting lone striker (as a Deep-Lying Forward or Target Man)?



Two Strikers:


Upfront in a two striker partnership - perhaps with your pacy attacker as a P/AF/PF role, and the strike partner in a DLF/TM role?



Three Strikers:


Upfront in a three striker combination - with any mixture of roles you think is best!



So how would YOU best use a pacy star attacker in the lower leagues … ?! 🙂 Please write your thoughts below~!

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Posted (edited)



An extremely powerful weapon, which I believe I have used to good effect in FMM22. In particular the "two strikers" and "Behind one ST", and I was thinking adding this to the discussion could be useful. I also helps that these players were brought from the VNS all the way to the Premier League, while being incredibly limited players with particularly good pace.


Two Strikers:


Classic Big Man Little Man in the non-leagues


Behind One ST:


Similar concept that was executed in League One and is actually still my system today, albeit with much more complete players




So who are the players I'm referring to and how good did they do?

They both arrived in the same season and left in the same season as well, they also basically rotated in the little man position of a front 2 and then later on the SS position behind the striker.



Yeah Thompson with 15 pace throughout his entire time at the club, meanwhile Fenwick improved from 16 to 20.


You can even see (and I certainly felt) the difference in the 2 players. And for context 22/23 is VNS and 27/28 is Premier League



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I've started in VNS/VNN a couple of times and pace is definitely king in those leagues. I usually play with 3 upfront, supported by 2 IF's. The central striker is set to TF while the other 2 are P or AF depending on their preferred role. I've signed Jno-Baptiste a few times, he arguably one of the best low league striker you can get on a free.

For your 2 players, Fenwick has the added advantage that his decisions, movement and technique are better than Thompson's. Higher decisions and movement will stop him being caught offside as much and will allow him to make more space, which should create more goals. Given those better stats I'd expect him to perform much better in higher leagues than Thompson, though may not ever be "world class" compared to other players

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