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  1. Will you pay 60pounds+ (75dollars+) per year for FMM24? Yup, that's right. https://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-2024-mobile-coming-exclusively-netflix Thanks DanEnglish for Poll idea
  2. Hi everyone, just wondering how everybody feels about joining community games this year 🤷🙈
  3. Ok since playing fmm last few versions I have always used the two same midfielders as wingers and those 2 are Pavon & Villa. Looking for new talent any suggestions for the China league? Maybe I'm missing a few hidden gems.
  4. Question - am wondering how YOU (the Vibe FMM community) would think / feel about a future FMM version containing the European Super League ... ?! (Assuming the ESL was implemented in the future, in a similar format to what was recently proposed)
  5. Hi All, I need your advice. I'm working on my scouting app again (finally), trying to finish it so I can release a beta version. To do that though, I need to play a cheat career where I can actually use it and test it out, etc. In the past I've never posted these careers as I figured they'd be boring to some people and upset others who don't want to see too much of the behind the scenes stuff. This time however, I have a conversation with @Rob fresh in my mind, where I thought it might actually be interesting to some of you. So I thought I'd ask. I'll explain what the career is below and I've attached a poll where you can say: "go ahead with no hidden details"; "go ahead with hidden details"; "no, not interested"; "no, this doesn't belong on Vibe"; and "don't care". If you have any further thoughts on the matter, please post below. No hard feelings, feel free to say "don't post it you git!". 😄 Would also be interested in what @samhardy and @FuddledFox have to say, because as the mods they may straight up say it's not the right fit and if so, I'll respect that. Anyway, my plan is to do a DT using two strikers who are under 100 PA. For the rest of the team I'll go buck wild and build the best team I can with full access to their CA/PA info (the point of this career is for me to use the app!). The club would be Oxford United and I'd obviously build the team up to EPL level. The two lucky lads are: So... If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, please share them. Thanks!
  6. Maxi Gomez has be chosen for my 1KC, so please choose from the 5 La Liga teams above, thank you.
  7. Hey Vibers, Last time I've made a list of the best Strikers in FMM2019 Today I wanted to know wether you guys wanted list of the best Wingers, Midfielders and Defenders
  8. This week Sports Interactive released Football Manager Touch (FMT) on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look at @FootballManager's Tweet: https://twitter.com/FootballManager/status/984780756240207872?s=09 If you're not familiar with FMT it is essentially the same game as the full fat PC version but it has some of the elements that slow the gameplay down like press conferences and team talks removed. Previously you would have needed a top of the range tablet or a laptop to be able to play it on the move but the Switch offers a cheaper alternative to both those options now. We have had some discussion on this over the last few days since it was released but I thought it would be interesting to gauge opinion with a poll. Are you tempted to try FMT? Let us know your feelings on this in the comments below
  9. I want to know which leagues are the most wanted. (You can vote for more than one country)
  10. Please vote for which community games wou want to see this year. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.
  11. Just a question about how you guys fill your backroom positions... Depending on the club I am with and what facilities they have, I sometimes like to fill out my backroom positions with older players, in my last couple of saves I have singled out players like John Terry and Lee Cattermole, in Cattermole's case, going as far as bringing him in around the 30yo point, making him captain and building him up to eventually become assistant manager when he hits 35-36. I find, moreso in the lower leagues, using older players in your squad to fill such positions can be prove invaluable, as you normally have to pay compo to take staff already employed elsewhere if there are no interested unemployed candidates to fill said position. So guys, what do you do to fill staff positions Fozz
  12. Out of these 4 teams which would you rather manage in the update due to their signings? Please vote in the poll and leave why in the comments below. Thanks, Dec
  13. We have 4 on form strikers who may be a little underrated currently so let us know which you think should be upgraded the most. Please vote on the poll and leave why in the comments below. Thanks, Dec
  14. Since we announced the new scout reports the reaction was mostly positive but now FM Mobile 17 has been out for 10 days what do you think of the feature now? Please vote on the poll and leave your comments why below. Thanks.
  15. Left column = Technical attributes Middle column = Mental attributes Right column = Physical attributes Let me just clarify something first. I know attributes are supposed to deteriorate depending on a player's training, match time, injuries, and so on. I also know that (using Ronaldo as an example but could be anyone) for example a 35yo Ronaldo in save 1 can look quite differently from a 35yo Ronaldo in save 2 or 3. What I find quite astonishing is that certain attributes can steep so very low. Take 'creativity' for example, it's in my opinion very questionable to say the least that a once 'green' creativity attr. player will turn 'red' at any point in his career. It's inevitable that there will be declines in Technical, Mental and Physical attributes and each number 'moves' differently due to several factors in his football career, but it strikes me as unrealistic to see for ex. very creative players lose that creativity completely, and that goes for a few other attributes as well. The worst-case scenario wouldn't jusify such a dramatic decline in my opinion. So that leads me to the question: Would you like to see a set minimum on certain attributes? If you want to know what that min. is exactly well, anything higher than a red 3 for creativity Some thoughts and opinions needed here pls.
  16. A simple question and I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. A list of some of the higher profile players who've made a move to the Chinese Super League. Renato Augusto (ex Leverkusen and Corinthians) -> Beijing Guo'an Burak Yilmaz (ex Trabzonspor and Galatasaray) -> Beijing Guo'an Paulinho (ex Corinthians and Tottenham Hotspur) -> Guangzhou Jackson Martinez (ex FC Porto and Atletico Madrid) -> Guangzhou Stephane Mbia (ex QPR and FC Sevilla) -> Huaxia Xingfu Ezequiel Lavezzi (ex Napoli and Paris St. Germain) -> Huaxia Xingfu Ramires (ex Benfica and Chelsea) -> Jiangsu Suning Alex Teixeira (Shakhtar Donetsk) -> Jiangsu Suning Graziano Pelle (ex Feyenoord and Southampton) -> Shandong Luneng Asamoah Gyan (ex Sunderland) -> Shanggang Hulk (ex FC Porto and Zenit St. Petersburg) -> Shanggang Fredy Guarin (ex FC Porto and Internazionale) -> Shanghai Shenhua Obafemi Martins (ex Inter, Newcastle and Wolfsburg) -> Shanghai Shenhua Tevez (ex West Ham, Man Utd, Man City, Juve, Boca) -> Shanghai Shenhua Oscar (ex Sao Paulo, Internacional, Chelsea) -> Shanghai SIPG) John Obi Mikel (ex Lyn and Chelsea) -> Tianjin Teda Luis Fabiano (ex FC Sevilla and Sporting Por.) -> Tianjin Quanjian Axel Witsel (ex Benfica and Zenit St. Petersbutg) -> Tianjin Quanjin who is next?? Are you worried that your players at your favourite teams will be leaving to an (for now unplayable) Chinese league? Worried perhaps the influence of these so called "Superrich" teams will be much more powerful in future FMM series? And in the process ruin your experience by buying your star players against your wishes? Or do you applaud it if it would, making the game 'better' by adding such realistic elements? Any concerns at all?
  17. A simple question but a very difficult one - Is Football Manager Mobile 2017 a good step up from 2016? Please vote on the poll and leave your reasons in the comments below. Thanks.
  18. I like to buy wonderkids aged 16 or 17 and train them to superstars. Who else???
  19. 7 days until FMM17 is released! Please vote on the poll what your biggest feature request is for FMM2017 and comment below why. Thanks, Dec
  20. I personally am a bit disappointed since there aren't any changes to tactics or training. But on the bright side, at least there are enough additions to the backroom staff, so I'll still be buying the game! How about you guys?
  21. FMM23 - How Would YOU Get Man Utd’s Current Squad Winning?! The next FMM version is out later this year - and managing Man. United could be more challenging than normal. Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho, Solskjaer, Rangnick and now Ten Hag - each had their own playing style / approach / philosophy, BUT none has lasted long at the club. So assuming you have only their current squad (no transfers) - what tactical approach would YOU use to get Man Utd winning again?! Is Ten Hag style INTENSE PRESSING suitable for a squad with low work rate + slow center backs … ? Should the team dominate POSSESSION, or attack with pace on the COUNTER ATTACK … ? You may think the poll’s tactic styles + manager approaches may be over-generalizations / not that accurate - but still can be useful to guide discussion. With the current squad - how would YOU get MUFC winning again?! 🙂
  22. FmmVibe Nation You are Voting on which Nation and their Players should our FmmVibe Nation take over? Community Members will have the chance to have their own Team in FmmVibe Nation. Sign Up will be availble soon.
  23. I've been thinking about doing one of these careers which one do you recommend me to do. Vote on the poll:
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