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Chat First season - Crazy FA Cup run


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So in my first season, I had a pretty good cup run with Oxford City (who are in Vanarama South). First couple of games were against teams of similar level so I kind of expected to win:

Next game was against a much higher ranked team in Charlton (League 1), so was expecting a heavy defeat:

Next match was against Stevenage (League 2) which again I wasn’t expecting to win:

Another tough League 1 side, this time Forest Green:

Had a lot of luck to be drawn against one of the only 2 remaining non-Prem teams, but still expected to finally lose to Peterborough:50FD0110-8E10-4CD0-9AA6-BCA0F4F4002E.thumb.png.2c5577fb624999dc2b36313f7fbb7067.png

Surely having to finally play a Premiership side would be our final match?

Another tough game against another decent Prem side:

Now I was 100% sure that I wasn’t going to beat a team as strong as Chelsea:


Absolutely insane results! 

So how did I manage it? Short answer - I have no idea. It must be the one and only time in all the years I’ve played FMM that the RNG gods have actually been on my side.

Tactics are nothing special:


It’s not a “broken” tactic (it’s been pretty inconsistent in the league), but I’ve used it throughout my cup run. I use the corner tactic, but i went back and checked and found that not a single goal was scored by the ‘mark goalkeeper’ defender.  I haven’t used any kind of transfer glitch or edited the team with world class players. I’ve spent £18k on players but gotten in several for free and season-long loans.

I think the main thing is the player relationships are all good and I’ve been using the ‘relaxed’ team talk, which at the end of the matches most of the players say it helped them win. 
For some reason, the goalie, all 4 defenders, 1 of the wingers and 1 of the strikers always seems to play exceptionally well in these big games. Star performers have been Kennedy Digie, Jayden Fevrier, Isaac Whitehall and Klaidi Lolos.

Who says FMM isn’t realistic? 😂


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Would be interested to see how you got on in Europe the next season, I managed the same with Gateshead a few years ago and managed to get through the Europa League groups as well 😂 knocked out in the Round of 16.

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Tactic is pretty much this, which worked well in FMM22: 

Like it said above, it's worked for me in the cup run but wasn't that great in the league, so don't expect a 100% win record in the league. I'm pretty sure this was mainly down to luck, rather than an overpowered formation/tactic. 

I've not had a chance to play much due to work, but had another interesting result:


This was even after swapping out pretty much my entire first 11 and losing all 4 pre-season friendlies 

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