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Tactics FM23 4-3-3 Zdeněk Zeman by Pinuccio


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Hi friends,


I wanted to make Zdenek Zeman's tactics for fans of his game. Offensive play, speed, direct and fast passes, insertions, overlaps, quick shots, very high pressure, offside and development of the game on the flanks with the principle of triangles between the players. I start the testing phase and thank you in advance for the feedback.








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Lots of offensive opportunities. Zeman's tactic, as in reality, can win against everyone and at the same time suffer against everyone. A good application of the offside becomes fundamental in the defensive phase. Many times the opponents will be in 1 Vs 1 against our defenders.

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10 hours ago, Lok1iii said:

questa tattica è stata molto potente 😍 ho usato il marocco e ho battuto il belgio 2-0 in gruppo e anche 4-1 a eliminazione diretta 🥰

I'm glad to read what you wrote. I'm currently using WM but by the end of the season I think I'll use it as there are 14 matches left but I'm already 13 points ahead with Ajax.

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