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Football Manager Mobile 2023: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Evening All,

Hope this finds you all well! I want to write a review of sorts on Football Manager Mobile 2023. The last time I wrote a blog n here was for a Chinese Super League blog in May 2023. I failed to become the champion in that save & that started an almost 6 month obsession to try & come to grips with this game, like I had every game before it. 

My pre-conception of this game when it first released was.."Meh". I love playing Football Manager Mobile but it felt the new features did not hit my personal expectations & therefore felt underwhelmed. I am always open to being pleasantly surprised though. So I played season's in Wales, N.Ireland & Ireland to success, albeit tweaking my tactic & signings constantly to adapt to the game. I was also stubbornly determined to win on Football Manager Mobile 2023 using my AI created FC Barcelona 10/11 tactic. 

It then came to the Chinese League season in May 2023 & I was not successful, I did not win the league. This is fine but It then followed 6 months of me asking the community, Tweaking tactics(Eventually realising I had to move away from sticking to AI created tactic) & tweaking signings to find a magic bullet - No joy & with the new Football Manager Mobile 2024 due, I thought I may just have to leave this one and accept defeat. The game was tougher than previous games & It was best to just leave it 😔.

Until I found a magic bullet(Well to me anyway) 😲. The tactic I had assembled was Similar to FC Barcelona 10/11,  had a truly possession style & High pressing at it's heart.  I was winning & drawing more & more games, losing only a few throughout the season..I was having fun, I had cracked it! The game became fun again. This is said tactic( I notice its similar to Black Hawk Tactic). I Bought GK's with HANDLING,REFLEXES,AGILITY,POSITIONING & Outfield players with AERIAL,STRENGTH, PACE,STAMINA.793088461_Screenshot_20231018_170847_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.affb0c20291fe97c082886e422dc337c.jpg1091989776_Screenshot_20231018_170901_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.0e960edecb2c23e07434455a6b5f27cb.jpg575282400_Screenshot_20231018_171005_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.a7b5dcda71353c805270bf845502cba6.jpg1377092960_Screenshot_20231018_170930_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.3a705458ea31a4c646e5bc07e659edf8.jpg

Anyways, It has gotten to October & I needed to make up for almost a year of struggling on this version of Football Manager Mobile. Anyways...Here's the results(I have won & lost some Cup competitions BUT have won every single League on Football Manager Mobile including playoffs & World Cup!!🥳🥳😞87686194_Screenshot_20231017_223602_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.413c0708d36b7a57f86cca5c748268ee.jpg953955460_Screenshot_20231017_223641_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.5e4e10e6bf927e1e86efce7294448242.jpg1730382682_Screenshot_20231017_223721_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.37eb06cb68237341d6a944e300d53fae.jpg289380496_Screenshot_20231017_223953_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.f7e1cb0aeb790512dfe6636859768025.jpg1539077916_Screenshot_20231017_224019_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.b66bd978b8c12578c7e96da0ef59eff7.jpg1666285836_Screenshot_20231017_224049_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.978e24a8890875a8ac12761b565bbebc.jpg1079525235_Screenshot_20231017_224116_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.67d1b3f9c814b1c76d1c2fef9adb036d.jpg670411077_Screenshot_20231017_224309_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.7e49f31a0f0488373d091ee1d9932757.jpg1513564676_Screenshot_20231017_224338_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.7ef44b69b7aa448afd5a9ed7a60a3a13.jpg281606391_Screenshot_20231017_224418_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.ed710497bf88d0449ae3273efb4acfc5.jpg1688967661_Screenshot_20231017_224444_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.f344baf46023a62498f9772300a60444.jpg827066543_Screenshot_20231017_224704_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.b6c15388eda3ca33e06913db01860562.jpg1321701576_Screenshot_20231017_224732_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.a2e8d6fe7ebeff9293c381411ab2f1b5.jpg453469703_Screenshot_20231017_224759_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.c15ac42edbd063d3dcc8115574042c5f.jpg290218563_Screenshot_20231017_224822_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.75e99ffa7e121207efe563cb76b8caff.jpg1414678275_Screenshot_20231017_225008_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.e9c8344cddf1a6d1822920431dfd241c.jpg181898443_Screenshot_20231017_225036_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.feea0fea4a098a02b51f39d745005577.jpg1379496497_Screenshot_20231017_225058_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.aaf2ff1009bc5943f3b3ab867bb3993a.jpg588323678_Screenshot_20231015_224050_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.adb99c86e19de5bb95671ac280a1fc19.jpg911406107_Screenshot_20231017_225138_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.726629a6d9b5ca9b90a1bba5dda82c25.jpg966278249_Screenshot_20231017_225328_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.d48b3dcd0427e717ccbc63d747a50797.jpg1105334732_Screenshot_20231017_225352_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.4636f2f35363457acbf775c16dfe483f.jpg1283825010_Screenshot_20231017_222353_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.2ec65ecc80db87f1dba125175a476c09.jpg1372885343_Screenshot_20231017_225421_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.5b30708ccca758ba5db36b7caddae3be.jpg1404823355_Screenshot_20231017_235304_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.af0792a8b6ed3e885b895d65f9a5d6c9.jpg592684543_Screenshot_20231017_235229_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.6ee5513abc61a0906e652db5033c1ed3.jpg

Would love to hear if anyone else has had this sort of experience with this game? 

Edited by SSolas
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